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«Migration has become a structural reality in this globalized world. In the world today, one person out of seven is a migrant. Migration is more and more diversified, numerous and complex, in regard to motivation, origin of migrants and their trajectories”

migrationThe movement of Africans to Europe in particular still remains poorly understood. In some areas migration is exalted and presented as the royal way to success. Europe is the dream of many young Africans. For others it seems a nightmare. Some Europeans think that there is a danger that the whole poor continent of Africa will invade rich Europe. Worse, governments in Africa in general do not consider it as their problem, while those in Europe often manipulate migration phenomenon mainly for electoral reasons.

The objective of this whole exercise is “to share information and experience, consider the particular challenges in different areas of Africa and Europe, define priorities, actions and processes, and network so that an effective global response can be made”.

This book highlights different aspects of our work in this field, from immediate solidarity with migrants, to research on the structural causes of migration, to advocacy for policy responses to these realities. The current situation, as we had said, is not sustainable. We would therefore like to “Propose alternatives to the current repressive policies, by showing that more open policies, which recognize basic rights to migrants, would be beneficial to all”.

Table of Contents: Migration In and Out of Africa

List of authors

Alberto Ares, sj

Avelino Chico, sj

Deogratias M. Rwezaura, sj

Miguel González

Pablo Funes

Rigobert Minani, sj (Editor)

Victor B. Adangba, sj

Wendy Landau



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